An Armenian stemming algorithm

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A stemmer for Armenian was sent to us by Astghik Mkrtchyan with this accompanying email:

From: astghik mkrtchyan <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 20:27:02 +0400
Subject: Armenian Stemmer


I newbie here. Recently I've googled for Armenian stemmer. So I have found
nothing, decided to write one. And now I'm sending Armenian stemmer
(stem_Unicode.sbl) and generated java file.


The algorithm in Snowball

stringescapes {}

stringdef a    '{U+0561)' // 531
stringdef b    '{U+0562)' // 532
stringdef g    '{U+0563)' // 533
stringdef d    '{U+0564)' // 534
stringdef ye   '{U+0565)' // 535
stringdef z    '{U+0566)' // 536
stringdef e    '{U+0567)' // 537
stringdef y    '{U+0568)' // 538
stringdef dt   '{U+0569)' // 539
stringdef zh   '{U+056A)' // 53A
stringdef i    '{U+056B)' // 53B
stringdef l    '{U+056C)' // 53C
stringdef kh   '{U+056D)' // 53D
stringdef ts   '{U+056E)' // 53E
stringdef k    '{U+056F)' // 53F
stringdef h    '{U+0570)' // 540
stringdef dz   '{U+0571)' // 541
stringdef gh   '{U+0572)' // 542
stringdef djch '{U+0573)' // 543
stringdef m    '{U+0574)' // 544
stringdef j    '{U+0575)' // 545
stringdef n    '{U+0576)' // 546
stringdef sh   '{U+0577)' // 547
stringdef vo   '{U+0578)' // 548
stringdef ch   '{U+0579)' // 549
stringdef p    '{U+057A)' // 54A
stringdef dj   '{U+057B)' // 54B
stringdef r    '{U+057C)' // 54C
stringdef s    '{U+057D)' // 54D
stringdef v    '{U+057E)' // 54E
stringdef t    '{U+057F)' // 54F
stringdef r'   '{U+0580)' // 550
stringdef c    '{U+0581)' // 551
stringdef u    '{U+0582)' // 552                  //vjun
stringdef bp   '{U+0583)' // 553
stringdef q    '{U+0584)' // 554
stringdef ev   '{U+0587)'
stringdef o    '{U+0585)' // 555
stringdef f    '{U+0586)' // 556

routines ( mark_regions R2

externals ( stem )

integers ( pV p2 )

groupings ( v )

define v '{a}{e}{i}{o}{u}{ye}{vo}{y}'

define mark_regions as (

    $pV = limit
    $p2 = limit
    do (
        gopast v  setmark pV  gopast non-v
        gopast v  gopast non-v  setmark p2

backwardmode (

    define R2 as $p2 <= cursor

    define adjective as (
        [substring] among (


    define verb as (
        [substring] among (


    define noun as (
        [substring] among (


    define ending as (
        [substring] R2 among (


define stem as (

    do mark_regions
    backwards setlimit tomark pV for (
        do ending
        do verb
        do adjective
        do noun